Home Remedies for Cats

Cats like dogs are one of the most common and loved pets found in homes.  Cats need a lot of personal attention and care. They are very affectionate and can be trained at home for many of the simple tasks just like dogs. One advantage of cats over dogs in that, cats can groom themselves and keep their skin clean. So there is no need to bathe them. A simple brushing of the fur will do. But cats are susceptible to a number of illnesses and they too feel pain like humans. So it is our duty to take care of them well and protect them from diseases so that they can lead a long and healthy life.

What better way to treat cats than by using natural remedies. Natural remedies are one of the best alternatives for almost all the common ailments that affect cats. Natural remedies are very safe, easy to use and also very inexpensive. Most of these concoctions can be made at home. To prepare these natural remedies at home there are a number of books and online articles for guidance. These remedies do not cause any side effects on the pets. Many of the remedies which work for humans work for the cats as well. Most of these remedies are also very easy to administer to cats. They just need to be mixed with water or food and then given to the cats.

Natural remedies can be used to effectively to treat many of the common ailments that affect cats like allergies, skin diseases, small wounds or other injuries and also some of the bladder or urethra issues that are very commonly found in cats. There are also home remedies for cats with cough, hair ball problems, hair loss, for cats affected with fleas and ear mites and diarrhea. Natural remedies can also be applied to treat cats affected with dandruff and those affected with worms.

Many of the simple remedies that we use to treat ourselves can also be used to treat cats. To give a few examples, apple cider vinegar can be used to treat many minor ailments like for controlling fleas, mites and ringworms, checking ear infections, many infections, bladder blockages, upper respiratory infections etc. Activated charcoal is also well tolerated by cats. This is usually used to treat toxic ingestions. Unsweetened cranberry juice, coconut water can all be given for treating urinary infections, dehydration etc.  Some of these natural remedies can be used to treat multiple conditions.

All pet owners can tell whether a pet is ill by observing their pets closely. Cats are not at all fussy when it comes to illness and will try their best to hide their illnesses. As pet owners, we should be diligent and to detect the illness at the earliest. A thorough body checkup everyday is a good idea. We should also look for any behavioral changes in cats. They may be less active or moody. The cats if ill may also eat less than normal. There will be changes both in their intake and elimination. There may be minor changes in their coat, body, mouth or eyes. Their coats may become dull. Some cats may have a slight bad mouth or body odor. When a cat doesn’t take enough fluids, there is chance that these cats will get dehydrated. If the illness in minor, we can use natural remedies to treat the indisposed cats at home. There is no need to panic or call a vet immediately.  If the symptoms persist or become worse, then it is advisable to consult a vet and get the cat treated professionally.

A thorough knowledge of the Natural remedies and how to use them successfully for various illnesses is absolutely essential. Our site has tried to give a comprehensive understanding on the various remedies that can be used to treat multiple illnesses that afflict cats.