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TDC Periodontal and Joint Health Care Soft Gel

1-TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs & Cats (120 softgels) by Elite Vet

TDC periodontal and joint health soft gels are fatty acid oils that are superior by all means. The TDC stands for 1-Tetra Decanol Complex. This complex contains fatty acid oils that have different molecular structure and thus different uses.

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These superior quality fatty acids can help in promoting gum health and joint health in cats and dogs. The common disease of these parts of the pet’s body is inflammation and the TDC complex can effectively work as anti-inflammatory agent for both these parts.

TDC periodontal and joint health soft gels are unique in its formulation and use. There are other products that protects the teeth and prevent plaque but nor many attend to the gum health. This is one product that concentrates on gum health exclusively. With the help of these soft gels the cats can now have healthy looking pink gums. TDC dual action soft gels are also effective in maintaining the joint health and allow the pet to move freely about with its youthful spirit. It is easily palatable and does not cause any trouble in the digestive system.

Benefits of TDC dual action soft gels

  • The main benefit of TDC dual action soft gels is its high absorption rate and trans-dermal ability to penetrate through the tissues easily. It goes deep into the tissues of the gum and joints to reduce the inflammation and work from within.
  • The TDC complex has an affinity to white blood cells and makes those cells more effective being anti-inflammatory.
  • TDC periodontal and joint health soft gel is taken from beef tallow and is easily digestible.
  • The taste of it makes the pets think it as a treat and makes no fuss about having them.

When to use TDC dual action soft gels

  • These dual action TDC dual action soft gels can be used right before a surgery or immediately after that.
  • It is highly effective in case of gingivitis in cats. it can also reduce the stomatitis on the gums. It not only treats the inflammation but can also prevent further damage.
  • TDC dual action soft gels are useful for cats that suffer from joint inflammation at the hips or other parts.

Using TDC dual action soft gels

The most fascinating feature of TDC periodontal & joint health soft gels is that they can be given in any form or ways. For a joint effort to support the gums and the joints, apply the contents of the soft gels on the upper gums. You can split open the gel capsules easily.

For only joint support, feed it as a treat.

You may also apply it over the little nose of the kitty and let it lick away the contents. The flavor of it will be loved by the kitties that they will have it in any way you give it.

The recommended dosage is one gel given every 3rd day for cats that weigh less than 15 lbs. one gel is given every other day for those heavier cats. In the initial days the dosage is doubles for 30 days. But that double dosage may not be always necessary, once you see the improvement, reduce the dose gradually.

A single bottle of TDC periodontal and joint health dual action soft gels will have 60 or 120 gels. One bottle can last up to 4 months for cats.

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