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Dry Feline Variety Pack

Feline Variety Pack

Wysong Corporation is an established company that manufactures many pet foods including that for cats. The cat health products are not just the food but some food supplements and grooming accessories as well.

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Having the same kind of food every day is not exciting, not to me or for you. Then why should the cats have to suffer it. The kitties will love to have different kinds of food each day, at least once a day. Making their dream come true is the Variety Pack from Wysong. The Variety Pack includes 4 bags of dry cat food that are made with different ingredients for different purposes.

The Variety Pack comprises one packet each of the hypoallergenic Anergen, energy improving Vitality, urinary health improving Uretic and Geretrix made for the aging cats for their overall wellness. Feed any of these dry feline food with having other canned or freshly made cat food for other meals in a day. The variety will make the cats happy and improve their health by all means.

What does the Variety Pack include?


Anergen is a hypoallergenic cat food that is recommended for cats that are allergic or intolerant to certain types of ingredients in the common cat feed. Fish and dairy products are some of the allergens. The chemical preservatives and flavoring agents also cause the same problem. Anergen uses no artificial ingredient and is made with no allergens in it.

It has lamb meal as the primary protein part along with crab meal. Other ingredients are brown rice, energy providing seeds, cooking oil with antioxidants, yogurt and other fermented items for digestive flora and immune improvement, herbal extracts, fruit pulps, vegetables and other mineral and vitamin sources for the general health enhancement in cats.


Vitality is a holistic approach to have energy boost in tired and older cats. The chicken, fish, turkey, crab, and other protein sources make the main components. There are useful fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids as well. Fruits, vegetables, natural flavoring agent, digestive enzymes, and fermented items include the ingredients list.

The digestion process in cats is improved with using Vitality. The vitamins and minerals, protein and amino acids take part in the vital functioning to have improved metabolic activities that helps raise more energy.


Uretic is formulated to aid the cats when suffering from urinary related diseases and problems. The ingredients in this cat food helps to improve the immune system to fight the infections and the formation of crystals in the bladder. There are compounds in the Uretic formula that can prevent the crystallization of minerals. Methionine is the amino acid responsible to maintain the urine pH and acidifies the urine to have the crystallization prevented.

The antioxidants and omega fatty acids enhanced the skin and coat health, general cell formation, and protection etc. The probiotics in the formula improves digestion and provide their contribution in immune strengthening.


Geriatrx is a dry food meant for elderly and aging cats. The formation has lower calorie density and high protein and nutrient content. Since nutrition is all important during aging, the cat will need all the nutrients supplied to them through the diet. Their body will not be making most of it.

Geriatrx provides proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and other minor elements. All these are provided in the natural form. The meat is added in raw form. This cat food provides the aging felines longer lasting vitality and better health. The raw meat will have added advantage. The raw flavor will makes them want more and they will have better appetite just to have a taste of the meat.

Feeding instructions

The feeding chart is the same as the individual pack recommends. Give only one product per day. Use other cat foods for the rest of the meals. A nutria-clip is also provided with the pack to close the product bags, to close tight and retain its freshness for longer.

Variety Pack includes each product in its 5 lb packets. The 20 lb Variety Pack will have one packet each of these products and the 40 lb case will have two each.

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