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Ear Care Gold for cats

Ear Care Gold for cats is an herbal formulation developed to strengthen the immune system of the ears. This product helps to sooth the inside of the ears and makes it stay healthy. The ingredients used are so powerful that it creates an environment that does not permit harmful microbes like bacteria and fungi to dwell inside. Ear infections are very common in pets especially cats and it needs to be treated properly with right attention. Let us discuss in detail about ear infections in cats and how to tackle it with Ear Care Gold for cats.

Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections

Ear Care Gold and its uses:

Ear Care Gold is a unique formulation that is designed by expert veterinarians to deal with ear discomforts faced by pets. It is basically an herbal infusion with an oil base and extracts of other essential herbs. The main base used in this product is MCT oil. This oil stays in liquid state when kept in room temperature and is known to provide nutrition to the skin. It maintains healthy skin layers by providing them with natural immunity against infections and dangerous microorganisms. Ear care gold for cats is the best choice to fight against infections without causing any side effects to your pet’s health.

Uses of Ear Care Gold for cats:

This product helps to prevent the growth of harmful organisms like yeast and bacteria’s inside the cat’s ears. These organisms if present inside the cat’s ear can cause severe irritations like itchiness, redness, inflammation and nasty smells. It is very obvious that such situations can really be painful to deal with and cats will undergo severe stress due to this. You might see them scratching and shaking their heads continuously in a hurry to get rid of these problems. Persistent scratching can result in redness and swelling in the ears.

Ear diseases are extremely basic in felines and in the event that it happens once it may repeat again about anytime and at some point never get cleared totally. So as capable pet owners one ought to take legitimate care and aid of your feline in such uncomfortable circumstances.

Ear Care Gold serves to protect the ears by giving in-susceptibility to the skin inside the ears. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or unsafe fixings that may hurt your feline’s ears. The greater part of the pet owners who utilized this item discovered this to be exceptionally valuable to forestall intermittent contamination which might overall have happened if left untreated. Ear care gold for cats helps to maintain a normal acid balance state that is a normal ph inside the ears. Bacterial and fungal agents cannot survive in such ph conditions.

Nearly all of the prescription medicines that are available in the markets only help to suppress the inflammation for a short term period and infection may recur anytime.

While using Ear Care Gold for cats, there are very less chances of infections to recur as it concentrates on building the natural immune functions of the ears by soothing the skin and maintaining the right conditions inside the ears.

Before using this product, ears should be cleaned properly as during such situations certain degree of redness, swelling and debris might be found. Only if these are cleaned, then the skin layers will be able to absorb the medicine. Effectiveness of the medicine depends on how well it is being absorbed into the skin so clean well with proper care.

The duration of using this product will depend on the condition of the infection and severity. If the problem is worsens, then it would take time to heal. Ear infections may also be caused by other factors like allergies, improper functioning of thyroid glands, high sugar levels or autoimmune disorders. Usually a time gap of 10 days is more than enough to cure infections caused by microbes or other factors but using this product for a longer time will not cause any harm to your pet as this product contains only herbal ingredients.

Ear Care Gold from Pet Wellbeing:

Ear care gold was developed by petwellbeing.com to help cats to fight against ear infections and it’s after effects. This product has been manufactured under careful research and latest scientific technologies.

This product is known for its quality and standards that the manufacturer has given an offer of a 90 day cash back guarantee incase of any customer dissatisfaction. All manufacturing processes are done in adherence with good manufacturing practices and every consignment is tested for purity and quality before fulfilling an order.

The raw materials used in this product are carefully grown in organic farms and ethically wild harvested. The extraction of herbs is done in such a way that their potency and capabilities are not lost. Every work is done under an FDA registered facility under strict control and procedures.

Ingredients of Ear Care Gold for cats:

  • Goldenseal root: The golden roots of this plant are the best antimicrobial herb available till date and can be used both internally and externally. It helps to fight against bacteria, viral and fungal agents and also gives a soothing effect for infected mucous membranes. It also works well on inflamed tissues to reducing swelling and redness. Ear care gold uses best goldenseal herbs cultivated in farms.
  • Olive leaf: Olive leaf has been used since centuries and is safe to be used internally as well as externally on the skin. It provides natural protection against microbial agents that cause infections. This herb does not disturb the normal functioning of friendly bacteria’s but also helps the skin to maintain its natural ph conditions.
  • Calendula flower: This is the best herb ever known for the treating skin conditions. It is commonly used to treat abrasions and restore skin cells that have undergone degeneration. It helps to protect the skin by controlling microbial activity.
  • Mullein leaf: Mullein helps to maintain healthy ears both internally and externally. It also helps the body to fight against infection and soothes ear tissues in a relaxing way.
  • St. John’s Wort flowering herb: This herb is very useful to treat internal skin problems and also helps to maintain the health of nerves. The flowers of this herb release a yellow pigment when infused into an oil medium.
  • Aloe Vera leaf: Aloe is famous all around the world for its healing properties. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and is very effective against itchiness. It is a good remedy to fight against ulcerated tissues and improves inflammation of skin. It is also known as an anti-fungal medicine.
  • Base used in ear care gold: Medium chain triglyceride oil is used as a base along with the above ingredients infused in it. This helps to loosen excess wax and clean away the debris. This essential oil helps to maintain natural immunity of the ear along with making it resistant to infection causing agents like bacteria, yeast and fungus.

Precautions to be taken while using Ear Care Gold for cats:

Shake this product well before using it and make sure to use it for 7 to 10 days to get expected results. Before using this medicine keep the drug under warm water so as to make the temperature the same as that of the room temperature. Use a dropper to pour the drops inside the ear canal and gently massage the ear .With the help of a tissue paper remove excess of this product from the outer ear. Make sure not to touch the dropper with any discharge from the ear lobe.

While using this product if the ear appears reddish then stop using this product as this may indicate a possible allergic reaction. If the condition worsens then consult a vet rather than delaying any further. Keep this product out of reach of kids and other animals. This product is not meant to be used orally.

Dosage: For all cats irrespective of their body weight 3 to 4 drops in each ear should be used. To get better results, clean the ears with Ear Clean Gold once, which is another product from Pet Wellbeing.com. This helps to enhance the results.

Conclusion: Cats are wonderful pets and most of us like to play around with them to feel relaxed and happy. They are livelier and naughty when they are healthy but when they get ear infections they tend to be sluggish and get irritated easily. Imagine how you would feel when you ear itches the whole day and you cannot help yourself to get rid of it. As humans we can find out some way to get rid of it either by consulting a doctor or taking any medicines. So as pet owners it’s our duty to understand the problems and provide solutions in an apt manner. Ear infections in cats should not be ignored and should be treated at once and this can be achieved by using Ear Care Gold for cats. It is the best possible remedy available for the well being of cats.

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