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Wysong Epigen Canine/Feline Dry Diet – Dog/Cat Food

Epigen Canned Diets are natural carnivorous food suitable for the cats. It is a perfect image of the dry archetypal food from the Wysong. Some cats may not like dry food or may not be suitable to take dry food. Aging cats and cats that suffer from digestive diseases may want to have the food to retain more water. For them, Epigen Canned Diets come as a boon.

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Epigen Canned Diets features

Epigen Canned Diets is made with 95% meat and there are no chemical additives. The food contains complete meal suitable for the cats and there are no fillers as in most of the canned food. There is nothing artificial about the Epigen Canned Diets. It is starch free.

Epigen Canned Diets can be used as a supplementary food along with the Wysong dry natural food for cats. Cats can have the nutritious dry meat containing food for one meal and have the watery Epigen Canned Diet for another. It makes a perfect companion for the food rotation.

Epigen Canned Diets Types

The Epigen Canned Diets are available in 6 different flavors.

  • Epigen canned Beef
  • Epigen Canned Chicken
  • Epigen Canned Duck
  • Epigen Canned Rabbit
  • EPigen Canned Salmon
  • Epigen Canned Turkey

Each type of Epigen Canned Diets is available in a 13 oz can individually or in a case that contains 12 individual cans if the particular flavor. Each variety of Epigen Canned Diets has only that particular meat and flavor in it.

There is a 7th Epigen Canned Diets pack which is the Epigen Variety Pack that will have one can of each flavor in it.

Epigen Canned Diets ingredients

Water is added in the sufficient quantity. Organic guar gum is added as a thickening agent that also contributes to the fiber tally. Tocopherols is the only nutrient addition to these canned diet. Each type of Epigen Canned Diets has 10% protein, 7-8% fat, 1.5% fiber and 75% of moisture in it.

The analysis shows that Epigen Canned Diets is an above average wet food product for the felines. The protein, fat and carbohydrates make the only nutrient in it. This is why it is recommended as a supplementary to the other dry food variety.

Feeding Epigen Canned Diets

As mentioned above, Epigen Canned Diets is used on a rotation basis along with other food types. The canned Epigen food can be used as it is or mixed with other dry starch free kibble. One flavor can be used at a time.

Epigen Canned Diets is especially beneficial for the elderly cats that have difficulty is having dry cat food every time.

Epigen Canned Diets Customer Reviews

All the customers who have tried Epigen Canned Diets for their cats say the felines simply love the product. The complaint they have is that most often they have a shortage for the product and demand a larger package to have enough stock at all the time.

Some says they have not met any such mixing-up product that s flexible and useful for cats of all ages. The greatest relief is that the felines do not get bored of the meat and the flavor. The variety available is just what the owners love about Epigen Canned Diets.

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