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Delectables Stew Lickable Treat, Pack of 12

Stew in Gravy is a watery food supplement for the cats. It adds moisture to the dry cat food. It comes in two flavors, beef, and chicken. Both Beef Stew In Gravy and Chicken Stew In Gravy contain a good amount of real meal chunks and a few diced vegetables. The meat and veggies stay in thick gravy that is tasty and interesting for the felines to like it.

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Stew in Gravy is meant to be used in combination with the dry cat food. Having the dry food is not always healthy for the cats. No matter how healthy the ingredients are, the dry food can do harm in a long term use. As it has no water content, the needed water or moisture is taken from the cat’s body which can later lead to dehydration and other complications in them.

Ingredients of Stew In Gravy

Beef stew: The Beef Stew in Gravy has the beef broth in which you will find the beef pieces, beef liver and animal plasma as part of the meat components. There are carrots, peas, barley and wheat grass powder, kelp in dried and powdered form as the vegetables. Sodium carbonate, chelated iron, zinc, copper and cobalt, vitamins, micro minerals, and amino acids are also part of this Beef stew. The nutrients are just as needed to boost the nourishment of the food.

Chicken stew has the chicken broth, liver, and pieces in the required amount. There are dices of carrots, peas and many other herbal powders. The vitamins and minerals– many in their chelated form enhance the nutrient value of this canned cat food.

The analysis comparison

When the two flavors of the Stew in gravy are compared, the analysis shows the same percentage of protein, fat, fiber, and moisture. They are 8, 3, 1 and 82% respectively. Since adding more moisture into the cat food is the main aim, water content is the highest ingredient in both.

The Stew in Gravy is added into the dry cat food, the cats are able to have the food easier. It also avoids any consequences arising due to lack or enough water in the cat’s system. The cats do not have the habit of drinking plenty of water either during the meal or after that. The only way they can have more water into their body is through their food. Stew in Gravy makes sure that the food that they have does contain enough water in it.

Using Stew in Gravy

There is no recommended quantity for this Stew in Gravy. The quantity depends on the age, size and the activity of the cat. Pour in enough gravy into the dry food. It is not meant as a whole single food, it is used only as a supplementary food in addition to the choice of cat food.

Stew in Gravy is suitable to use along with any home cooked or processed food. Since it has most of the nutrients it helps enhance the nutritive value of the other food to make a balanced diet.

It is available in cans of 5.5 oz. a bigger case with 24 such cans is also available for purchase.

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