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Wysong Biotic pH+ – Cat Food Supplement

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Wysong Biotic pH+ is a cat food supplement that helps raise the pH level of the urine. It makes the cat urine more alkaline to prevent the formation of acidic crystals in the urine. This vitamin supplement provides additional nutrition so that there are suitable changes in the cat’s metabolic system to have the urine pH more on the alkaline border. Biotic pH+ is capable of combating the metabolic acidosis and its impact on the cat’s health in many ways.

What is metabolic acidosis?

The metabolic acidosis is a condition where the metabolic reactions result in excess quantity of acid formation and the kidneys failing to expel them effectively. This condition will lead to turning the urine into acidic pH. It has primary impact on the renal health and it can affect the other body parts and functions in a lethal manner.

The modern cat foods are highly processed that strip them off their nutrient contents and include many components that upset the mineral balance in the feline body. Diseases, stress, and other environmental factors also lead to this mineral imbalance. This will lead to a pH change in their body which is in favor of the formation of oxalate, cystine and urate crystals. Biotic pH+ aids in the restoration of this mineral balance that prevents such crystal formation in future.

Significance of Biotic pH+

Biotic pH+ contains certain specific ingredients that helps raise the urine pH. The neutral value of a liquid in 7 and any value above it is termed alkaline and that below this would be called acidic. Certain minerals will have the urine at the alkaline side and they are magnesium and potassium. These minerals when present in the right amount maintains the pH and the deficiency of which will see the formation of a different kind of urinary stones.

The magnesium ascorbate and potassium citrate helps reduce the urinary acidity and thus preventing the recurrence of oxalate crystals. Helping them in this task are the chicken and beef whch can naturally make the feline urine pH at optimum level.

Biotic pH+ prevent the crystal formation by making a highly soluble calcium chelates that makes the calcium unavailable. This will have the pH raised and the stone formation is reduced by 90%. The vitamin B6 in it will prevent the production of oxalates.

Feeding Biotic pH+

Biotic pH+ is used as a temporary supplement for cats to maintain their pH levels. The quantity differs for kittens and adult cats. Kittens would need only a pinch of the product while the adult cats will take one teaspoon per day. Divide the portion equally among the meals. One teaspoon will be equivalent to 3-4 shakes so one shake would be enough per meal.

Try to give Biotic pH+ along with watery diet than dry food. It will allow them have more water which will help them excrete the excess acid from their body.

What is the optimal urine pH in felines?

The optimal urine Ph in cats is 6.0-6.5. Though this vale is slightly acidic, anything beyond this can lead to any kind of urinary stone formation. This will avoid the oxalate and urate crystals while that is not enough for the alkaline crystals to make an entry.

A bad diet can alter this value easily and the modern cat diet does not help much. This is where the Biotic pH+ enters and it maintains this optimal level for as long as possible. A change in the basic cat diet is also called for. Wysong raw meat diet is a good starter as it is less processed and has the raw meat in its raw form with all the nutrients preserved.

Other methods to prevent acid crystals in felines

Cats that are prone to these acid crystals must not have food that has grain and carbohydrates in it. Cats are not meant to have these items and are tuned for high protein and fat diet such as raw meat. Choose the cat food that is grain free and has low carbohydrates.

Having too much of dry food will make the urine more concentrated that will be more acidic. Let them have watery diet like canned raw meat or likes.

Make the kitties have more immunity to fight any urinary infections. Urinary infections may also lead to the stone formations.

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