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Wysong Wild Things – Feline Vegetarian Supplement

Wild Things

Wysong Wild Things are the close resembling supplement that provides all the protein, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the cats to have a healthy body.

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Cats are born carnivores and are genetically designed to eat meat and other animal feed. The food they naturally eat contains many nutrients that suit their bodies. But providing them this nutritious food is not possible always. The only way to fill in the gaps created by the commercial food for them is to have some kind of supplement that can provide the same nutrients. The Wysong Wild Things is one such food supplement for cats that have those necessary nutrients but taken completely from plant sources.

Feeding Wild Things

Wysong Wild Things are the close resembling supplement that provides all the protein, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the cats to have a healthy body. Wild Things is in a powdery form that can be sprinkled on to the cat’s food.

Take one teaspoon full of Wild Things for every 3 oz of food. The amount is flexible that can suit the nutritional demands of the cat. It is recommended to use it as an intermittent supplement once a while.

Ingredients in Wild Things and their benefits

Vegetables: Alfalfa is a natural source for the high amount of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. The chlorophyll in the leaves is powerful antioxidants as well. It has several medicinal values that make it kind of preventive for the cats.

  • Beets have insoluble fiber that aids in bowel movements in cats. It can improve the colon health by supplying a small number of fatty acids to the beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  • Celery is beneficial for the liver and kidneys in cats. Its mildly diuretic nature clears the urinary tracts and helps clean the blood regularly. It can stimulate the pet’s appetite and can relieve digestion problems.
  • Lettuce is a low-calorie diet that suits any living being. In cats, it adds bulk to the diet and bowels and reduces the chances of being overweight. It also contributes to the moisture and other minute nutrients in it.
  • Parsley possesses antifungal and infection resisting properties that benefit the cats in reducing urinary tract infections. It also has calcium and other vitamins to help with digestion and kidney problems.
  • Spinach contains vitamins, minerals and has low calorie. It helps the cats have better vision and is protective to the digestive tract lining.
  • Watercress contains many nutrients that can improve the general health of digestive, respiratory and immune systems. It is helpful in preventing cancer of GI tract and colon. The anti-inflammatory properties help prevent mild infections and allergies as well.

Algae: Chlorella contains a good amount of magnesium that helps combat the bad body odor and bad breath in cats. It is an excellent food that serves as a natural detoxifying agent. These green algae aids in the expulsion of toxins and other wastes from the feline body.

Fruits: Organic apples are good for preventing stomach and digestion ailments, relieving constipation, and fighting diabetes and anemia.

  • Organic blueberries are a hub of antioxidants and vitamin C. it can reduce the symptoms of cognitive malfunction in cats.
  • Plums have potassium to regulate the blood pressure and aids in heart health.
  • Watermelon is filled with vitamin C and A. it also has antioxidants that protect the cat’s skin and cells from oxidative damage.

Juices: Banana juice has many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients help maintain a healthy skin and coat in cats and also protect it from free radicals. It is also good for digestion and provides energy.

  • Barley and wheat grass juices are cleansing to the lymph system, restore the fluid balance, expel toxic metals from the blood, and are nourishing to the kidneys and liver. it is also great to restore energy back into the pet’s body.
  • Strawberry juice can fight anemia and serves as an aid to the benefits of wheatgrass. In combination with the other strawberry juice can improve the general health of felines.

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